80 niches and products relevant in the crisis period

  1. Antiseptics wholesale and retail
  2. Designer masks
  3. Delivery of groceries and medicines
  4. Manufacture and sale of pajamas and other home clothes
  5. Renting out office equipment to those who work remotely
  6. Taking business photos for stock photography
  7. Blogging turnkey
  8. Setting up advertising in different channels
  9. Maintaining and setting up courses for online schools
  10. Web design for online projects
  1. Psychological courses / consultations in quarantine conditions
  2. Teaching copywriting as a profession
  3. Teaching FB ADS as a profession
  4. Teaching web design as a profession
  5. Teaching how to create online courses for experts
  6. Marketing consultancy to increase sales
  7. Accounting consultancy and services tax
  8. Legal advice and services in bankruptcy and labor relations
  9. Teaching programming as a profession and hobby
  10. Teaching foreign languages for different purposes: from understanding TV series to emigration
  1. Online nannies / animators for preschoolers
  2. Rent of suburban real estate for “urban”
  3. Courses and consultations on the organization of space
  4. Online fitness, yoga, sports at home
  5. Online workshops
  6. Detox and nutrition courses
  7. Tutoring, preparing for exams and doing homework with students
  8. Teaching subject photography for stock photography
  9. Teaching photo retouching
  10. Photo retouching
  1. Video editing (stories, TikTok) and video editing training
  2. Repair of household appliances with home delivery
  3. Marketing anti-crisis consultations
  4. Time management courses in quarantine
  5. Webinars and courses for beauty masters
  6. Medical advice on the treatment and care of patients at home
  7. Sets in boxes for needlework / painting
  8. Treatments in boxes: from manicure to sugaring
  9. Delivery of materials for apartment renovation
  10. Home delivery of office furniture and appliances
  1. Board games and puzzles for children and adults
  2. Courses in mobile photography and video shooting
  3. Greenhouses for cottages and gardens “Do It Yourself”
  4. Courses in public speaking and staging
  5. Doing homework remotely
  6. Health and personal care course
  7. Online dating courses for single guys / girls
  8. Production of curtains with delivery
  9. Sale of bicycles with safe delivery
  10. Delivery of materials for apartment renovation
  1. Courses on survival in a post-apocalyptic world
  2. Courses and practices of meditation
  3. Do-it-yourself smart home sale
  4. Services to increase insurance payments
  5. Delivery of premium cosmetics and personal care products
  6. HR consulting and team optimization services
  7. Remote job search services
  8. Website development
  9. Services for the creation and preparation of resume
  10. Consulting on finding yourself and your business
  1. Manufacturing custom-made furniture with safe delivery
  2. Home delivery of organic and farm products
  3. Creation of simple mobile applications for delivery, sports, training
  4. Sale of containers and kitchen utensils
  5. Washing windows (mountaineering)
  6. Self-massage courses
  7. Organization of online concerts
  8. Sale of home exercise equipment with delivery
  9. Courses in drawing, calligraphy
  10. Courses in singing, dancing
  1. Creating an online bar
  2. Paid lectures from deans and professors on interesting topics (space, science, psychology, political science, medicine, economics, etc.)
  3. Training of beauty masters remotely
  4. Courses and master classes in floriculture on the windowsill
  5. Organization and holding of online holidays
  6. Refresher courses for different professions
  7. Courses in writing (poetry, novels, stories)
  8. Installations and devices to reduce energy and water consumption
  9. Sale of gadgets and mobile equipment for study
  10. Rent of consoles, games, multimedia devices