Targeted Ads course

Magic of Targeted Ads

Inside The “TARGETED ADS” course

Module I.

  • Instagram Target Audience
  • How to Identify Your TA
  • How does Understanding of TA relate to advertising?
  • Photo / Image for advertisement
  • Ad captions
  • 5 Tricks for a Good Advertising Post
  • How to Attract Attention Using Words?
  • 4 Ways to Kindle Buyer Interest
  • Types of Advertising Posts that 100% Work
  • 6 principles of selling text on Instagram
  • How to Create a Good Promotional Offer?
  • What else can be used in the text of the advertisement?
  • 4 Reasons Why Advertising Doesn’t Work
  • 6 Myths of Official Instagram Advertising

Module II.

  • Key Terms in Advertising
  • Beginning of work
  • 5 Steps to Prepare for Launch
  • Facebook Ads Manager

Module III.

  • Launching Ads through the Instagram App
  • Advertising launch strategy, through the app to grow followers
  • Launching Advertising in the Instagram news feed via the Facebook ads manager
  • Launch Advertising in Stories, through the Facebook ads manager
  • How to Create Several Ad Groups at Once
  • How to Create an Audience for Advertising
  • How to Work with Audiences in Advertising?
  • Facebook Pixel


  • How to Spy on Competitors?
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Advertising Campaign Scaling
  • 5 Ways to Optimize Instagram Advertising
  • How much money to invest in advertising?
  • Advertising Myths
  • Errors in Advertising
  • Why Advertising Stopped Bringing Results?
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing
  • 4 Elements in Marketing
  • How to get support from Instagram


  • FB ads vs Instagram Promote button
  • Instagram custom audience. Followers/all who engaged with your profile and content
  • Important! How to create targeted audience
  • Check the real cost per click!
  • Promote button. Objective – FOLLOWERS
  • How to still audience of your competitors