Why it is important to have personality in your Instagram account

Let’s talk about why promoting a personal Instagram account is so important for growing sales, attracting customers and increasing profits.

As an entrepreneur, you will be able to promote your business on Instagram directly, as a product, without focusing the attention of potential customers on your personality. Such progress is bound to bring results.

❗️But there is a better way – promoting a personal account. By promoting your personal account, you will bring your business to a high and stable level much faster and more efficiently.

Why does personal account promotion work better?

There are 4 reasons:

1. Personality gives trust

On the other side of the screen are ordinary people, just like you and me. A potential buyer does not know the technology for the production of cheese or cottage cheese, he does not know what kind of feed the chickens have, the meat of which he is offered to buy. No one can be 100% sure that there are no antibiotics in meat and vegetable fats in dairy products.

Often people have many questions and concerns about the quality of a product, and especially a service: after all, you cannot touch, smell and see it.

⚡️ Your product will be much more credible if readers have information about you as a person: not only about your company and production technology, about your goods or services, but also about your family, children, hobbies, about how and where you like to relax.

⚡️ You will inspire more confidence in your readers if they find out that you have interests and hobbies that may be the same as theirs. Maybe you go to the same museums or theaters, or cafes and exhibitions. Perhaps you, like potential buyers, enjoy sports or hiking. Even if your hobbies do not coincide, people will see that you are not only an entrepreneur focused solely on sales and profits, but also a person, a person who has something to tell readers about himself.

⚡️ When in your posts you tell more than just about business, you can close most of the objections of readers.

2. Detachment from competitors

Everyone talks about their business – otherwise there will be no sales. But it is important if people will see not just a store of tights, or perfumes, but a person. You will be the “guy” who sells tights, or perfume: you will be recognized.

⚡️ To do this, analyze what makes you different from others. Perhaps you received a unique education, studied abroad, or took one-of-a-kind courses. Maybe your business was started by your father, or even your grandfather, and you have a rare experience that others do not have.

⚡️ Tell followers about your features in a simple, accessible, friendly and humorous way. For example: you know how to present your product in verse. Agree, few of your competitors are capable of this.

3. Price

Prices often frightening. If the price is high, people are looking for where they can buy cheaper. Tell your readers that your products are made especially for them and they will buy from you. Everyone is pleased when they are taken care of and offered something unique that others do not have.

⚡️ When potential buyers know you well, they will buy simply because you are. And then the price will no longer be so important. Don’t worry about prices, but don’t overdo it either: the prices must be realistically justified if you want to be trusted.

4. Access to any markets

If you are not just a businessman, but a person, then you can engage in several areas of activity, or change directions. This is close to your readers: they also change jobs more than once in their lives, their hobbies and preferences can also change.

⚡️ People will understand if today you sell sporting goods because you ski or bike, and tomorrow you sell strollers because you have a son. You will be known and trusted like an old acquaintance. If the buyer liked the bike, then tomorrow he will buy a stroller, because he is sure of your decency and competence.

⚡️ If you are an experienced accountant, you can conduct accounting courses for entrepreneurs and employees. But if at the same time you love fishing, then the sale of fishing rods and other equipment will also be successful.

⚡️ Do not be afraid to combine seemingly incompatible: they trust you as a person, as an old friend. Someone who has already bought from you will be your client in another niche, just as a good friend.

❗️ As a person, you will sell better. If you interest your readers, they will reach out to you, and your product will inspire more trust.

⚡ But don’t forget that you have to be honest. Do not deceive potential customers even in small things, do not invent fantastic stories about your personal life or hobbies, then you will be trusted. As a result, your product or service will be in demand, and their quality will not be in doubt. Keep in mind that gaining trust can be tricky and can be lost through one wrong step. Respect your readers!

❌ Of course, you shouldn’t tell absolutely everything about yourself, don’t write about your oddities. Post topics should overlap with the products or services you offer. Don’t write about how you had a “cool bar party” yesterday or ate 5 hamburgers if you’re selling gym equipment, running a fitness class, or developing a weight loss diet. You will be misunderstood.

❗️ Try promoting a personal account, and you will see how this method is more effective and works better than promoting only a business. If you interest people as a person, your product will also be recognizable, you will become the face of your brand!

As you can see, if you already know why it is better to promote a personal account on Instagram for a successful business and increase sales, then you will work on promoting your profile, taking into account my recommendations and understanding that in order to achieve good results you need to invest your time, effort and emotions. But if you are clearly aware of your goal and know why you started all this, then you simply cannot fail. It is better to act together and together with those people who already have experience and results. Join Secret Hashtags Club and become a part of our community.

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