Why you have to participate in hashtag challenges?

If you still do not know what hashtag challenges are let me explain to you a little. 

There are few types of challenges:

Weekly and monthly hashtag challenges

Rules are very simple. Usually there is a topic or a theme according to which you should create a content. They are time limited and always have a deadline. Also you should use hashtag or/and tag account for the chance to win and be featured on their page.

Community hashtag challenges

They connect like-minded people around a specific theme.

And now let’s get back to a reasons why you should participate in this challenges.

You will gain new followers 

Almost all accounts that run hashtag challenges make a shout outs for participants and feature photos of winners on their feeds and stories. Therefore, more people will see your works and there is a big chance that they will become your followers.

Be inspired and boost up your creativity

We are all unique and see the same things in different ways. And that is wonderful. You can be inspired by the works of other participants and even learn new ways of photo editing. 

Find new friends

Joining to any kind of hashtag challenges opens opportunity for you to connect with new people whom you don’t know but you all have something in common. If you’ll show your support, leave genuine comments and be kind, you’ll definitely will find some new friends.

You can be noticed by brand and get an opportunity to work with it

It’s not a secret, that brands always looking for a new channels to promote their products. If you content stands out,you challenge yourself and try to “think outside the box”, there is a big chance that you’ll be noticed by the beloved brand or by influencer platforms.

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