Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah!

Hello! I’m Sarah, your friendly Hashtag and Social Media expert, Marketing professional, and mom to two delightful kids. I’m passionate about Instagram and Photoshop, and I’m the proud founder of the Secret Hashtags Club.

I’m here to help make Instagram feel more approachable by breaking down its complexities, clearing away any confusion, and gently guiding you on your Instagram journey as a supportive and friendly companion.

I know how challenging it can be when starting out, which is why my motto is:

“Have fun and success will come (with a sprinkling of hard work alongside of course)”

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with renowned brands like MetLife, Vodafone, and Radisson. I’ve also gained experience in various fields such as hospitality, restaurant, sales, and insurance marketing, eventually becoming the head of the marketing department at Ukraine’s top insurance company and an investment subsidiary.

After becoming a mother for the second time, I knew I needed something more fulfilling that wouldn’t turn my once-sharp brain into mush.

With 15 years of experience in marketing, I decided to invest in multiple courses to further expand my knowledge. I learned from my own experiences, participated in free workshops, and even attended prestigious courses at Oxford and Stanford.

But that’s when hashtags cast their spell on me!

As a hashtag expert, I’ve helped build numerous Instagram accounts from scratch and have shown over 30,000 people—small business owners, photographers, bloggers, and creators—that Instagram can be fun, inspiring, and full of opportunities.

Hashtags turned my hobby into a thriving business, and the most amazing part is the connections I’ve made. Thanks to hashtags, I found a community of talented photographers and artists, met incredible friends, and built a warm and supportive world for myself.

So, join me as we explore the enchanting world of hashtags and Instagram.

Together, we’ll create some magic!