How you shouldn’t start your caption:

  • With a greeting. You only have few seconds until a person decides to read on or not. So yes, forget about politeness. You shouldn’t waste your priceless characters on long intro.
  • With doubts, reflections, long preludes. The essence is important.
  • With obvious phrases. “Today is October 31, and we celebrate Halloween”, “It’s winter outside, it’s snowing”.
  • From fake news. The headline should be catchy, but true. Otherwise, your followers will be disappointed. And next time this trick won’t work.

Successful headline:

  • Landmark for your target audience. You must clearly understand what followers expect to get from you, what benefit they want to get, what problems to solve, what goals to achieve. What kind of content is valuable for them. You need to headline pains, dreams or desires of your target audience
  • Intrigue. The headline should awake interest, curiosity and interest. The headline should make them want to read the entire caption.

Techniques for creating effective headlines:

1. Problem – solution

Here you show your expertise.


  • “How to lose 10 kg before Christmas”
  • “How to get 10K of followers on Instagram”
  • “How to fall asleep in 68 seconds: US infantry technique ”
  • “How influencer can earn first million on Instagram ”
  • “How to write effective headlines for Instagram ”
  • “Where to buy a good tripod for live session: review of the best online shops ”
  • “How to book a villa in Spain for summer holidays”
  • “How to edit photos on your phone in 10 minutes”

2. Guaranteed benefits.

They are similar to the headings from paragraph 1. But in a different wording:


  • “How to get back into shape after giving birth”
  • “Formula of perfect testimonial”
  • “A real way to save money to buy a new camera”

3. Heading with numbers.

It’s better not to use whole numbers like 10, 50 or 100, but 9, 14 or 23, for example. A person sees letters and words much more often than numbers. Therefore, the numbers stand out and attention cling to them. In addition, number sends a message that all information in the text is structured and sorted.


  • “7 brands of cookies that should not be given to the kids”
  • “6 mistakes of influencers that followers will not forgive them”
  • “6 fruits, eating which will save you from headaches”
  • “4 effective techniques that will help you defeat the fear of public speaking”
  • “I know 4 phrases that will make my husband buy you a new car”
  • “TOP-8 books on financial literacy for kids”
  • “34 useful apps for Instagram”

4. Superlative headlines.

Simply write word the most:


  • “One of the most easiest ways to lose weight after childbirth”
  • “The most important rules when signing up an insurance contract”
  • “The most important secret that will make followers to fall in love with you”

5. Heading-duel or heading-opposition

Here we collide two options:

  • “Bitcoin VS dividend stocks: where will you earn more”
  • “IGTV vs REELS. What will bring you more followers”
  • “A piece of meat VS a kilogram of carrots: which food will give you more energy for day “
  • ” Yoga VS stretching: what will quickly relieve back pain “

6. Headlines using beautiful, incredible, unusual adjectives, filled with emotions:


  • “Unrealistically beautiful trends for this fall”
  • “Coolest apps for creating stories”
  • “Awesome advertising headlines in 2021”

7. Desired result + Question addressed to the target audience.

  • “I’ve already earned my first million on social media. And you?”
  • “Travel to the fabulous Maldives with huge discount. Do you want to book? “
  • “To double the flow of clients in a year. Want the same?”

8. Impact on different senses.

  • Hearing: “5 sounds that will give you boost of energy in the morning”
  • Eyesight: “A dress that will make your partner smiles”
  • Taste: “Sweet pill from headache”
  • Smell: “Three ways to get rid of an unpleasant smell on your sofa”
  • Touch: ” A floor that is pleasant even to lie on “

9. 4U formula

  • Usefulness – the ultimate customer benefit. What problem he wants to solve with your product or service.
  • Uniqueness – how your uniqueness works. A product or service, ideally, with a detachment from competitors.
  • Ultraspecificity – show benefits in measurable terms. In $, in percent, in hours, etc.
  • Urgency – time parameter. Moreover, this is not necessarily the deadline “until October 30th”. This may be a “first 5 clients only” limitation. “How to make 10,000 $ a month on online trading using the iForex method”, “Get rid of a headache in 1 minute with the help of a secret exercise of Sufi ascetics”

10. Vibrant tabloid headlines and headlines that nod to enduring memories.

With the first, everything is clear. These are bright, biting, provocative phrases and sentences.

  • “A generation of sugar addicts is being raised in London kindergartens” (pediatrician)
  • “Women cheating much more often than their husbands “(Numerologist)

And the second type of headings refers us to something very familiar – the names of movies, books, programs, catch phrases:

  • “50 Shades of Mum Anger. How to stop yelling at children.

11. They start with the magic words “imagine”, “remember” …

“Imagine that your blog has grown to 50K, your hotel is booked for three months in advance, DMS full with offers from brands”

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